Winterizing "Little Sweden" - Billings MT

Althought we as pond owners never want to think of the cold winters when the fish go dormant, but one day we'll be there with snow on the ground and ice on the pond.

This pond has a specially built cover so the water never frezees over. The fish still go dormant but there will be an exchange of air.

Winterizing is done early in the fall in time for the first frost night. One or two nights with below freezin is not going to hurt anything but your plants maybe, but needs to be done very soon after that.
You can use a de-icer or you can use our way of winterizing instead. Using a de-icer will cost you quite a bit of money to run all winter. Our way of winterizing your pond is a lot cheaper and can be used year after year with little cost. All you need to run is an air pump with very little cost and you will have a jump start on your pond in the spring.

We can winterize almost any pond even if we didn't build it, so Contact Us for winterizing your pond today.