Welcome to Montana Pond & Waterscapes

We are specialized in creating stunning pond areas and waterscapes all over Unites States and in Europe.

Please visit our pond portfolio page for past waterscapes we have built.


Water Gardens

Montana Pond Builders installs, repairs, and maintains all types of water gardens and Koi ponds. We have replacement parts such as water fall pumps, liners, filters, and more. For existing water gardens and Koi ponds we provide maintenance programs to make the overall upkeep of your facility easier and care free. Call us today for help with your water feature, or to order your back yard paradise.

Koi Ponds

We carry a large variety of aquatic plants, trees, and shrubs to decorate your pond. We also have several color patterns of Koi in butterfly and regular fins. We have a large size range from 2 to adult to fit any size pond. We can also provide safe transportation from our place to yours in oxygenated hauling tanks.